Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RPiA #37 - Ranger Obsessing

Ted and Adam are joined by Bob Sturm from 1310 The Ticket (filling in for Jamey) to talk about the lingering sale of the team, the pitching highs and lows and if the Face of the Franchise's best days are behind him.


Ryan said...

I seems like Adam isn't as negative this season. Keep it up Adam, really enjoying it

Sam said...

I do get tired of the talk of "if its going to happen, it will happen to the Rangers."

The Rangers are no different than any other organization. They all have their problems and successes on and off the field.

Go to any other city and you will hear the same thing from their fans and media.

It's the "we're the craziest" syndrome.... since it's the team that you keep up with details the most.

Sam said...
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Sam said...

Wow...never really listened to the whole thing before. Adam is really is a negative beat down....Obviously smart guy but has no's a negative rant on the Rangers details.

Certainly missed Jamie with his energy, but Bob Sturm was a great fill in. He's got a great understanding of stats and this sports psychology thing figured out pretty well.

Adam....step a way from the cliff a bit....we might not be ready to be crowned world champs yet, but we're rolling on the positive side and in first place.

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